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Gathering Light, Benedito Calixto (1853-1927), oil on canvas, XIX / XX.

Nativity Scenes: A Glimpse, a History

27 november 2013 - 06 january 2014

The Sacred Art Museum of São Paulo - MAS/SP, institution of the Secretary of State for Culture, following one of the strongest traditions in the Christian festivals of the end the year, opens the exhibition Nativity Scenes: A Glimpse, a History. Curated by architect Cristina Ferraz, text by Cesar Giobbi and expography by Antonio Ferreira Jr., this is the largest exhibition ever held on the subject in MAS/SP and has a select group of 42 people - including designers, architects, artists, collectors and names of São Paulo society - who were invited to set up their own versions of this Christmas symbol, resulting in 35 nativity scenes. The exhibition also brings a room in the museum all acclimated with baroque art pieces and nativity scenes from the Landmann Family acquis, assembled by Jorge and Julio Landmann in honour of their mother, Edith Landmann.

With all her sensitivity, Cristina Ferraz has extended the invitation to some friends to reproduce in this exhibition, the emotions and affective memories shrouded in their family rituals of assembling nativity scenes. Bringing people with different beliefs, traditions and history, a trait of extreme delicacy pervades the exhibition because it takes such emotional information recreated in nativity scenes that can be considered true works of art.

Welcome to the exhibition are given by Gica Mesiara with the Divine Power, Human Power installation, which projects an image of Jesus in a vertical garden of metal structure with the words "... the one who believes in me will also do the works that I do and will do them  even greater ... ". The panel shows texts that come with delicate features of Paul von Poser, depicting the date.

A special space - Edith Landmann Hall - is a tribute of MAS/SP to the matriarch of the family Landmann, consisting of items from her collection of Baroque art and nativity scenes. Her sons, Jorge and Julio Landmann, curate these pieces in order to show the public some of the traditions of their family. The collection Nativity scenes was started nearly 35 years ago, many of these objects acquired on trips or received as gift from friends and family members. About the memories of this festive season, Julio Landmann describes: "These nativity scenes were placed a month before Christmas, throughout the living room at my parents' apartment. It was a job that she (Edith) insisted on personally perform and made it with love, care and good taste. The message of the Nativity scene was always renewed, Christmas after Christmas, for all children, grandchildren or great-grandchildren."

Compounds for both pieces from private collections such as items from the collection of MAS/SP, are exhibited nativity scenes from different nationalities and periods, made of different materials such as clay, wood, paper, fabric, baked clay, burlap, etc.. Nativity Scenes: A Glimpse, a History is the result of a collective effort, where each guest opens the heart and represents a universal story of Jesus' birth


Alessandra Campiglia, Angelo Derenze, Antonio Ferreira Jr., Baba Vaccaro, Beatriz Moura Andrade Araujo, Beatriz Monteiro de Carvalho, Bruna Carvalho, Brunete Fraccaroli, Chris Ayrosa, Eduardo Machado, Esther Giobbi, Esther Schattan, Fatima Salton, Francesca Alzati, Glorinha Baungart, Graziella Leonetti, Irene Ravache, Jóia Bergamo, Jorge Brandão, Lilian Bomeny, Lourdes Bottura, Marcelo Lima, Margarethe Abussamra, Maria Adelaide Amaral, Maria Pia Trussardi, Maria Thereza McNair, Olga Krell, Pedro Ariel, Priscila Pacey, Regina Carvalho, Roberto Sansão, Sabina de Libman, Sandra Penteado, Simone Goltcher, Sonia Diniz, Toninho Mariutti, Valéria Beraldin, Vic Meirelles, Vilma Eid, Virginia Lamarco, Wair de Paula e Walkiria Tesssari Derenze.